Prayer He Will Speak; Fire Will Come Out
Hell of Torah 06

He Will Speak; Fire Will Come Out

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Now as we continue, you’re going to see why I took you to the Apocrypha and 2 Esdras. What we’re about to read illuminates what the fires of hell really are. We go to 2 Esdras 13:37, 37 Then he, my Son, will reprove the assembled nations for their ungodliness (this was symbolized by the storm), 38 and will reproach them to their face.” This is interesting. If you read Deuteronomy 7:10, it says, He repays those who hate Him to their face, to destroy them.” That is exactly what it says.

Continuing with 2 Esdras 13:38, “…and will reproach them to their face with their evil thoughts and the torments with which they are to be tortured (which is symbolized by the flames) and will destroy them without effort by means of the law (which was symbolized by the fire).” He’s going to destroy them without effort by means of the Law.

So this stream of fire which proceeds out of Yeshua’s mouth is quite literally Torah! It is the Law of God. This gives us a dramatically different view of hell and what the fires of hell really are. The fire that is going to be kindled which is going to devour the wicked from this earth is the Torah. What I call the hell of Torah.

This presents a serious problem for those who reject the Law of God and say that Christ came to do away with the Law. For those who claim it is no longer valid or applicable, know this, when Yeshua comes back He is going to open up His mouth. He will speak, and fire will come out. The fire will devour everything that has not been redeemed. It will devour everything that is wicked. It is going to devour those who rejected His Law. They will be devoured.

Now with this imagery in mind, I want to take you back to the New Testament because this very imagery we just read about in 2 Esdras can be found in Scripture. However, before we go there I just want to quickly remind you of what we read in 2 Esdras 13:9-10, 9 When he saw the onrush of the approaching multitude, he neither lifted his hand nor held a spear or any weapon of war; 10 but I saw only how he sent forth from his mouth something like a stream of fire, and from his lips a flaming breath, and from his tongue he shot forth a storm of sparks.”

It is interesting that the same thing is essentially conveyed in Paul’s second epistle to the Thessalonians. Paul is talking about the destruction of Satan, and look at how he describes the event in 2 Thessalonians 2:-8, 8 For the mystery of lawlessness [Torah-less] is already at work.” It is interesting how already in the 1st century this is already at work. That’s mind-blowing! Already in the first century, the spirit of removing God’s Law from His people was already moving forward. We know this because as I told you going to the mid-second century, we come across Marsianism. This was a total destruction of the faith. He was a total heretic, and yet his gospel spread like fire.

Starting again in 2 Thessalonians 2:-8, 8 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one [Satan] will be revealed, whom the LORD will consume with the breath of His mouth [His mouth!] and destroy with the brightness of His coming.”

If you go to Ezekiel 28:18, you read that Satan is going to be turned to ash. Then we have Jeremiah 23:29, “Is not My word like a fire?” says the LORD, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?”

I am going to close with a thought: Those who embrace the Law in this age, will escape it in the age to come. But those who reject the Law in this age, will receive it in the age to come.


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