Men's Serve

TENTATIVE SUNDAY DATES:  June 14, July 12, August 2, September 13

 What is Men's Serve?

Men have many responsibilities.  After the toils of the week, house projects are the last thing you want to do when you'd rather be spending  time with your family.   Men's Serve is an opportunity to get projects done in a fraction of the time it would take to do them alone. 

How does it work?  

A host (the person who needs work done around the house) prepares all the materials needed to complete a job.  Projects can be anything:  painting, sealing a deck, cleaning the yard, installing a fence, etc.  When the scheduled day arrives, 3-4 guys head over to the host's home and invest 4 hours of time to accomplish a 16-20 hour job.  

Here's a breakdown of what the day looks like:  

  • 7:45 am -- Arrive at the host's house. Greetings and opening prayer for blessing upon the fellowship and safety of the workday.
  • 8:00‐11:45 am -- Fellowship/work time = FUN!!
  • 11:45‐12:00 pm -- Clean up. 
  • 12:00 pm -- Lunch (provided by the host).  
  • Leave whenever the host kicks you out!! 

Men that sign up to work are encouraged to bring their own tools if they have them (hammer, tape, tape measure, etc.). 

What are the advantages?  

  • The host frees up time to spend with family.
  • Men get a chance to interact and fellowship together while accomplishing necessary tasks.
  • When our neighbors see a blitzkrieg of work being done by fellow believers this will have a TeenServe-like effect opening up doors for us to share our faith and our awesome congregation!

Do you want to participate? 

Please click the button below to complete a form indicating if you would be available to host and/or volunteer for Men's Serve.  If we have enough volunteers, we can have multiple projects/locations for each date. 


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