Weddings at Corner Fringe Ministries

So your looking to get married – Mazel Tov/Congratulations!

The marriage covenant is to be revered and respected beyond any other human-to-human commitment we have in this life. From the very beginning in the book of Genesis, we see the template of marriage being a man leaving his father and mother to cling to his bride. This is the picture we see in Messiah Yeshua: He humbled Himself to join Himself to us, His bride. No other institution communicates the relationship between Yeshua and His church like marriage does. You desire a beautiful thing!

We are honored that you are considering Corner Fringe Ministries to be involved in your special day. We hold the marriage contract as sacred and want to help prepare you to get your marriage started on the right track. Your wedding should be a worshipful celebration service that honors our Messiah Yeshua! We will make every effort to accommodate your requests. Please read through our information and requirements to see if CFM is a good fit for you.

Weddings at CFM
If you have already attended a service at CFM you will know we are a vibrant flourishing community. With so many things going on we often find ourselves being very creative with community space. We try to prioritize our core ministries at CFM when considering the building and pastoral time. So be sure to reserve your date as early as you can.

As Messianic believers, we honor the Shabbat and reserve that day for resting in the Lord and honoring our Groom, Yeshua HaMashiach. We do not schedule weddings at CFM during these times:

Shabbat Yom Teruah/Rosh HaShanah Fourth of July
Passover Yom Kippur Thanksgiving
Shavuot Sukkot week Other civil holidays may be unavailable


Those who wish to either be married at CFM and/or utilize a member of our pastoral team to officiate a ceremony will be assigned help from our Wedding Celebration Team who will schedule time to meet with you and help you in your planning. Couples must accept and fulfill the obligations outlined in the CFM Pre-Marital Counseling Syllabus in preparation for marriage.

Pre-Marital Syllabus 

Fees for use of space will be discussed on a case by case basis. The Pre-Marriage Counseling and Wedding Ceremony Officiant fee is $750.  Details will be shared during Pre-Marriage Counseling sessions.

Your marriage is to be held in the highest of esteem. We are blessed to walk through this time of your life with you. May Messiah Yeshua richly bless and keep you as you begin this journey.!

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